Hotpod Yoga – feeling hot, hot, hot!

Whilst over in the UK in 2017 I got involved with Hotpod yoga. I was privileged to be able to join Sarah Harrison’s Nottingham City Hotpod yoga instructors team. I was also fortunate enough to gain experience and further insight from Nick Higgins, co-founder of Hotpod in the London, Brixton studio.

It basically all started for me after taking a few ‘taster’ sessions in the Nottingham ROKO pod. I simply became hooked. The vinyasa flow classes gave me an incredible workout, for both mind and body! The immersive, ambience of the pod including; heat, music, subtle lighting and aroma was captivating. Hotpod’s philosophy of being ‘firmly grounded in reality’ really resonated with me.

Hotpod is not yet available in New Zealand, but more and more pods are popping up around the world, so hopefully it won’t be long before we see some here.

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