Collaboration of like minds

I am really excited about an upcoming collaboration project with Pat Hay, Art Therapist. Pat will be heading over to the Wairarapa on June 12th 2021 and together we will be running the affordable day retreat ‘Nourish’ in Martinborough.

It’s pretty exciting when I get to work together with someone like-minded like Pat, with similar values and outlook on life. Both Pat and I have the aim to provide nourishment for others. Pat through Art Therapy and Mindfulness background and myself through Yoga and Meditation pathways. Ultimately leading to a common goal, to provide an internal kind of nourishment.

Both Pat and I have a history of working in NZ Education and working with teenagers in particular, so we’ve had to learn how to be calm, even in challenging situations. We both have an absolute passion for and dedication to what we do right now, so joining forces will be a wonderful thing for us and hopefully for you too!? I had the absolute pleasure of attending one of Pat’s group Art Therapy sessions, through professional development whilst I worked with teenagers a year or two ago. It was one of the highlights of that year for me. Believe me, I am not an artist, I wouldn’t particularly even use the word ‘creative’ to describe myself, but somehow Pat found a way to make everyone feel welcome, comfortable, relaxed and able to create something of their own. She has a kind, gentle and inclusive approach. Not only that, but the conversation and connection within the group by the end of the session was something so strong and positive, I still look back to that time with fond memories.

Nourish day retreat is suitable for all ages, all levels of experience of yoga (including complete beginner). No previous art experience is required, Pat will provide all the tools you need to create something meaningful to you. It’s the kind of retreat you could bring a family member or friend with you to enjoy a special time of bonding and connection. Equally, come on your own and you will feel included, nourished and a sense of belonging. Pricing is affordable, because that’s important to me.

If you’re interested in joining us for the ‘Nourish’ retreat in Martinborough on Saturday June 12th 2021 please flick me an e-mail on

For further details including; time, location and cost refer to the ‘retreats’ page.

Pat Hay – Art Therapist

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  1. Hi there Em, Can you please tell me of any classes and times for yoga in the Carterton area ? Thankyou, from wayne

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