A Balanced Life

I have been thinking a lot about ‘balance’ recently. It’s a tricky thing to get ‘just right’ the right balance in life. Right now I feel a really good sense of balance overall in my life, balance between work and leisure. Balance between exercise and rest. Between family, friends and self. Balanced nutrition… ok, I’m … More A Balanced Life

Kiwi Kids Charity

I was recently asked by one of my subscribers to name my favourite charity. The reason, so that they could make a donation to say thank you for the free yoga videos I have started sharing. I was really touched. It is amazing how making a donation to a good cause can bring such a … More Kiwi Kids Charity

Favourite energising flow

This is my favourite, energising yoga sequence at the moment. I find making these shapes so much fun! And yoga should be fun, right!? It strengthens the lower body, is good for spinal health with twists included and has my favourite posture ‘belly of the dragon’.