Set Your Intention

When I arrived at the familiar orange door of Hot Yoga For You, Masterton this morning, I was greeted with this sign;

“Energy flows where intention goes”

That was the theme for class this morning and for the new year. I set my intention this morning to “be present”. What an amazing result. Every time I came back to my intention during class, a smile spread across my face. I was present in my favourite studio doing my favourite thing.

An amazing class again Shari. We were all glad to see you back in the studio after the summer break but certainly felt the burn today with Utkatasana (chair pose) being the focus of the flow today. A few yogi push ups thrown in for good measure and to really ignite our inner 🔥 fire.

Finishing up with a delicious melt into yin session, the perfect start to my Wednesday! Now to continue to take my intention with me off the mat and into my day ‘be present’.

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