Heaven Scent

I recently received my order from Circe perfume and I’m in heaven. No, it wasn’t a valentines gift, but a gift to myself. Isn’t it amazing how a beautiful fragrance can just lift your mood. I have sensitive skin too, so these things can be quite tricky for me but with these 100% natural, kiwi made perfumes I haven’t had a problem! So today I want to give a shout out to Amber Lenihan at Circe. https://www.circe.co.nz/ Amber is the founder and creator of Circe natural perfume. She creates natural perfume using unique scents from New Zealand and around the world. Amber is another Kiwi woman following her dream, setting up her perfumery business and creating outstanding products.

Just a helpful hint, you can order a sample pack of the whole range from Circe to help you choose your signature fragrance.

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