Beautiful Chorus

Sometimes I wonder if I will run out of ideas to ‘blog’ about. However, the ideas, thoughts and inspiration just seem to keep coming. Long may beautiful inspiration continue! Viva la inspiración! I often wonder that the more we are open to the beauty and positivity of life, the more it seems to continue to find us?

My beautiful inspiration today is Beautiful Chorus. I was only introduced recently to the enchanting melodies of this all-female harmonious group but what an impact it’s had. It was through yoga too, which is why I have decided to share this fabulous find here on my yoga blog today.

Their music seems to speak to my soul. I use Beautiful Harmonies tracks in my restorative yoga classes but find myself wanting to play them anytime, to be uplifted, recharged and nourished. I also love the use of positive affirmation and mantra through song. I imagine is would be so beneficial for so many people to listen to. It brings such a sense of wellbeing.

My favourite track is ‘Heart Chakra’. Please check it out if you have time and let me know what you think.

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