Allow for the Pause

Taking time to notice what’s going on, allowing for the pause between action and response can be beneficial both on and off the mat. In yoga asana practise, the rebound time between postures is a good place to pause and notice what is going on in the body. How often do we really pay attention to the physical changes going on within us? During yoga practice is a great place to start.

I have also been allowing for ‘the pause’ in my morning pranayama. I have been practicing kumbhaka pranayama, allowing a pause at the top of a measured inhalation and also a pause at the end of a measured exhalation. Kumbhaka, practiced in traditional Hatha yoga is said to have many health benefits including; brain health, heart health and longevity. I find it makes me feel calm and focused, helping with the transition into stillness and meditation.

Taking the idea of allowing for ‘the pause’ off the mat, it might be to take time to notice the beauty in what’s around us in an ordinary and mundane daily routine. I like to take a moment, a ‘pause’ most days with my chickens. Just to slow down for a few moments, to watch the animals and allow all other jobs on the daily ‘to-do list’ just wait. To pause and be present with the animals. It brings a great sense of calm and peacefulness for me. Maybe your pause could be as simple as taking a few deep breaths at a time when you most need it.

What can you do in your daily life to allow for ‘the pause’? Maybe you already have it sorted, I’d love to know what works for you.

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