Bathed in Sound

“An ambient sonic experience, designed to bathe you in sound & awaken your senses.”

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I wanted to share with you a wonderful experience I discovered a few weeks ago. I recently attended my first sound bath or sound immersion with a like minded yogi friend and what a beautiful experience it was. The best way I can describe it to people who have never heard of this before is that it is like going to a concert where you are invited to lie down and close your eyes. It’s relaxing, energising, Mind blowing.

In yoga theory, we talk of our different layers or koshas, the first being the Physical body. The next layer or Kosha is our ‘Prana Body’ or ‘Energy Body’. Often we think of the prana or the life force as the breath but actually it relates to all 5 senses. Well the sound bath experience certainly does wonders for the Prana body, directly relating to the sense of hearing. I have now had two sound bath sessions and both had quite different effects, yet the artists say that the sessions for them were remarkably similar. It’s amazing where the body and mind can take you immersed in a ‘soundscape’.

The first session I attended I was probably the most relaxed and I ended up feeling as though I was swimming under the ocean! That’s where the music and sounds transported me. Pretty amazing. The second experience, my mind was pretty busy with work and planning and things I had to do. I still felt huge benefit from the experience, despite my overly busy mind and this time my body was just tingling pretty much the entire time.

The Wairarapa based sound artists Holly and Zac describe the sound immersion as;

“An ambient sonic experience, designed to bathe you in sound & awaken your senses.”

They begin the session with a brief introduction and welcome, then move into playing a live soundscape using various instruments, including crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, electric and acoustic guitar, voices, violin, bells, and flute.

And the bonus, there are health and wellbeing benefits of sound immersion including; Improve general wellbeing, Relieve stress, Reduce anxiety, Induce relaxation, Increase mental clarity and Enhance sleep.

I can’t wait for my next sound immersion, who’s keen to join me!?

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