Reflections and connections

Womens wellness retreat 2022, Wairarapa, Wellington

As the year draws to a close, it seems an appropriate time to reflect on the year 2022. I end the year with such a feeling of peace and also of gratitude.

I am feeling grateful to the Wairarapa community, for making this a wonderful, welcoming place to call home. To the Carterton community for continuing in supporting me for community yoga. To the Greytown community for your warm welcome this year as I have began new offerings in Greytown. I am delighted to have been invited to offer yoga through the Wairarapa Womens Centre to local Wahine. Also to teenage wahine, through workshops and classes. It has been an honour. Of course, recently returning from an amazing, local yoga retreat with wonderful women has certainly helped to strengthen the feeling of connectednesses, of peace and gratitude.

Feeling connected.
Feeling peaceful.
Yoga retreat 2022
Wairarapa, Wellington

I am so grateful to all those that have supported me through this amazing year, allowing me to connect with the community through yoga. I have found my way to serve the community, through my passion yoga. This in turn, brings about a peaceful feeling within.

To all my friends, family, whanau and yoga family, a sincere thank you for your support.

Feeling peaceful
Wairarapa, Wellington

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