Yoga Teacher Training and so much more

It’s hard to believe this was four years ago. I just came across this photo, I can’t believe it’s been four years already! Time has flown by. I mean, just look at that photo of me! Hope you’ll forgive the hair, it was hot, humid and plenty of mosquitoes too (that explains the scarf).

I look back on this time with such fond memories. The experiences were truely once in a lifetime. The immersion in Meditation and Yoga for a month was amazing. Being surrounded by like minded yogis from all over the world. The bonds I made and times I shared with international yogis from; England, Germany, Greece, France, New Caledonia, South Africa, USA, India were so special. Just imagine the conversations! By the end of my teacher training it’s possibly the most peaceful state I have ever reached. As I say, it was truely a once in a lifetime opportunity.

There were also the other, unplanned and unexpected experiences that will stay with me. Walking through the forest and coming across wild peacocks, a national treasure in India. Attending a dance one evening under the stars in an Auroville community. Sitting by the most peaceful lake, in silence with many, many people whilst waiting to enter the Matrimandir in the heart of Auroville. Heading into Pondicherry aka ‘Pondi’ for visits to the markets and to listen to Rahul, a shaman healer talk. He certainly held a captive audience. I could go on but I fear the list would just get too long.

As I write this, memories come flooding back and I am filled with love, hope and gratitude.

Om Shanti 🙏

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