A Balanced Life

Photo by Sebastian Voortman on Pexels.com

I have been thinking a lot about ‘balance’ recently. It’s a tricky thing to get ‘just right’ the right balance in life. Right now I feel a really good sense of balance overall in my life, balance between work and leisure. Balance between exercise and rest. Between family, friends and self. Balanced nutrition… ok, I’m not there yet as we have just had the Easter holidays and chocolate factored very high on the list there. It has taken a long, long time to fine tune this balanced life for me, but I feel I’m finally getting there. The regular personal practice of yoga and sharing of yoga with others has been a huge factor for me in finding my right balance in my life. I think it’s important not to become complacent though. Even when we have times where we feel that the right balance has been achieved, we must remember to revisit, re-evaluate as things change, as our lives and selves evolve. 

The principles behind the yoga teaching I have learned are to live a balanced life. The yoga teachings I have learned actively discourage over-indulging but also encourage avoiding self-denial. Interestingly, I’m thinking of the yogic and spirtual teachings I received in India. I’m not just talking from the western perspective. ‘Everything in balance’.

So this could relate to anything in life from food to caffeine to alcohol. From work to shopping to relationships. Everything in balance. Walk the middle path. Live mindfully. Use the breath to stay calm and in the present moment. The more we practice ‘bramacharya’ or balanced life, the less we crave those things which excite the senses, the times of overindulgence are diminished.

Viva the balanced life!

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