Breath is the key

A theme I have explored recently in my yoga practice is ’Aparigraha’. This is largely a practice in letting go. Of releasing what no longer serves you. It is to create space for whom we may become. It is the practice of not clinging to possessions, beliefs or to people. To be aware instead of attached. To accept the impermanence of everything.

Ultimately it is about freedom. Being free to choose instead of being enslaved by our habits. About freedom to love without possession or control. To give ourselves fully to be present in each moment without attachment or wishing how things ‘should be’.

I find in my personal yoga practice, and when guiding others in their weekly yoga journey, the best way to remain present in each moment, to explore ’Aparigraha’ is through the breath. Breath is the key. When we focus entirely on the breath, we cannot but help stay right here in the present moment.

So, if you would like to tune into your breath, here is one of my favourite breathing exercises I would like to share.

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