Nature Immersion

The importance of time in nature

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The last time I wrote about my love of time in nature and the amazing benefits was just over two years ago in my post Nature Baby . I feel it’s time to revisit this theme, not because anything has changed, but just how important time in nature is to me today. I recognise the importance of getting outdoors, not only getting out, but really being present. Taking in all the sounds, the smells the colours and the feel of the sun or shade on my skin is what it’s all about for me.

Recent experiences

I have been fortunate enough to spend time recently in a beautiful place backing onto a nature reserve in Queensland, Australia. The sounds of the native birdsong was one of the first delights that hit me. That sound of the kookaburra is just so quintessentially Australian in my mind. If you have never heard the kookaburra, perhaps have a listen here. The sights of the wild kangaroos just hanging out or hopping along as I take my daily walks has sparked real joy and wonder within me. I have loved the smell of the gum trees and the sensation of the warm sun and equally the coolness of the shade on my skin. A nature phenomenon that drew me back to this particular place was the activity of the flying fox bats here at twilight. Stimulating for all the senses!

Barefoot rules OK

I love being bare foot. I have recently had the absolute privilege of being able to walk in the sand at the beach barefoot, to stand on the earth barefoot and really feel that connection to the earth, Papatūānuku. I reflected on this recently, as I listened to Yoga Anatomy teacher Leslie Kaminoff talk about “the feet as our foundation” in module five of Yoga Anatomy Foundations course with The definition Leslie puts forward of the foot is “the part of the body that has evolved to have a relationship with the earth”. So, of course, no wonder that myself and countless other yogis love to practice yoga bear foot and indeed take the opportunity to slip off the shoes whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Wairarapa and nature

Back in my home of Wairarapa New Zealand, I have had the pleasure of connecting with many other like minded ‘nature babies’. Getting out for a walk in the bush on a fairly regular basis is just something that most of us get to do in the Wairarapa and equally in the Greater Wellington Region. I don’t this take for granted for one moment, it is such a privilege. Wairarapa Wellness promote the healing benefits of time spent in nature. Viktoria of Wairarapa Wellness offers guided nature immersion walks through different reserves in the Wairarapa region.

Yoga and nature immersion mini-retreat

One of my favourite places to get out, to walk and to feel immersed in nature is Fensham Reserve. I can’t take my dog here but that’s about the only real drawback. It’s a haven of tranquility and it’s only a 7 minute drive from my place. That’s why I’m so excited to be working with Viktoria to put together an affordable retreat, well mini-retreat. The mini-retreat combines a guided walk in nature at Fensham reserve, to connect with nature and a nourishing yoga session in my own yoga space. The aim, to provide an opportunity for relaxation and self nourishment for busy mothers on Mother Day. If you are interested in experiencing the mini-retreat for yourself, or as a Mother’s Day gift for someone special, here are more details.

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