Reflections on yoga teacher training yin module – Part Two

In my last blog post I reflected on what I had learned with Angela Baker during the Yin Module of the yoga teacher training. There was a lot to learn and so here are my reflections, part two.

I have made use of the cues taught on the Yin module – Functional approach, such as “red flag areas” and “target areas”. They have become part of my vocabulary in my yoga for relaxation classes. I think the cues have benefited both me and also my participants. The benefit to me, is having a clear, flowing language for cueing in yoga class which enables me to feel relaxed and in control and a good guide. For my students, they can enjoy the benefit of having a relaxed, clear guide and enjoy their inner experience and journey better. I have become very aware, since completing the module of my use of wording with reference to different options for students. I feel happier, more comfortable dropping terms such as “advanced” and doing away with the idea of ‘better’ or ‘worse’ when offering posture options. The clients I have attending yoga classes do not need any feeling of comparisons regarding their bodies or trying to achieve an ‘advanced’ form of posture. In fact does anyone really need that?

Writing the Yoga Nidra script, one of the course requirements has been invaluable to me. Having a script there, on hand, carefully written was such a benefit when planning that first class. I have then been able to adapt my script, shorten it, add different visualisations and vary the wording to suit the theme of my class. It has been gold. A funny anecdote I’d like to add here, as I get toward the end of the script and hence end of class. There’s a line which says “notice the sounds around you, awakening you to the time of day..” well at that point, there’s always the sound of a noisy freight train passing through in the distance. If nothing else, I’m getting regular timing with my nidra cues!

The music. I’m so grateful for the playlist that was shared with us on the Yin course. I use this regularly in my classes and have become a big fan of Beautiful Chorus. I have become a big fan of Beautiful Chorus. You can read more in my earlier blog postBeautiful Chorus.

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