Rise and Shine

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch on Pexels.com

I’m running a free, 30 minute online energising yoga session ‘Rise and Shine’ @8am (NZ time), 7th September 2021 and would love for you to join.

Over the last week or two I have been getting to grips with learning how to host Zoom sessions. After a few trials I think I’ve found something that works! Honestly, it’s been quite a leap for me but think I’ve got the hang of doing ‘live yoga sessions’. The recording is a whole different story.

For me it’s all about staying connected. Being able to chat to people (outside my house) and see them too just gives me such a great feeling. Having a sense of community is very important to me so it has been wonderful to be able to get together with my yoga community over the past week or two.

I have really enjoyed the opportunity to share teachings I have learned from different places across the globe in ‘bite sized’ sessions. It has been the perfect opportunity for me to think about these teachings, to reflect and to share.

So, join me for energising morning yoga session on Tuesday 7th September 2021 @8am (NZ time). Message me for the login details yogawithemmie@gmail.com

Let’s stay connected.

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