Healthy Habits

I have learned that developing healthy habits, in particular heathy morning habits or ‘rituals’ are essential to feeling good. I always aim to start my day with a yoga practice, which can be short, long or somewhere in between. I also try to get in a morning walk too. This way, no matter what comes my way during the day, I feel I am best prepared to face it with a positive mindset (as far as possible).

Honestly, the hardest part is the showing up, the starting out. Not just to make the decision but then to act on it. The following through. So, in my way, I aim to help anyone who’s willing to try it, to give it a go. This morning I made a short video showing some simple yoga moves that anyone can do, right from very beginners, to start the day feeling great. Even when I’m away from home, I take my yoga mat and aim to start the day well.

Maybe you would like to try my video and see if it makes a difference to your morning!?

What’s your healthy morning habit you would recommend?

Morning yoga by the pool

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